SOC 280 Welcome and Week 1 Reminders

This post is intended for students enrolled in online sections of SOC 280.

Welcome to SOC 280! Before you get started, please read through the Syllabus and submit any questions to the questions thread on Instructure Canvas.

Week 1 Reminders

All of the following are due by Sunday, August 26 at midnight.

  • Read YMAY Chapter 1
  • Read ES p. 1-6
  • Take the optional practice quiz 1
  • Post your Introduction to the Introduction thread on Instrcture Canvas
  • Complete Doing Sociology #1 on Instructure Canvas

By the end of Week 1, you should get an email from me. If you do not get this email, contact me as soon as possible so I can make sure you are on my list. I will send the email to your Lake Land account only.