Open Education Resources in Sociology

I am planning to test open education resources (OER) in my Intro to Sociology course in upcoming semesters. Though I am a fan of the textbooks I currently use, I work at a college that uses a textbook rental system. We are working to reduce the textbook budget and one way to achieve this is to move more courses to OER.

I looked at the Introduction to Sociology wiki textbook and the Introduction to Sociology text from OpenStax. I am going to reserve my opinions on those two options for the moment, but think there might be something to work with to use as a base/reference for students rather than as the sole textbook.

I want to curate some sort of OER reader using articles from around the web in addition to some sort of textbook that can be used as a base/reference for students.

Have you used OER before in Intro to Sociology? I am interested in seeing what other people have done using OER. Thoughts on OER in Intro to Soc?