Monographs for Deviance?

Here is the question I posed to the Teaching Sociology Google Group yesterday:


I am teaching Sociology of Deviant Behavior this fall and I am looking for suggestions for monographs. I plan to have students write book reviews, but need some ideas for books for them to review. What are books that you and your students like in deviance?


Some background: I teach at a community college. Most of the students in the course should be sophomores, but there will be a few that will be freshman. They have a range of reading levels. Many are planning to continue in criminal justice or social work, so I would like to have a few books with a criminal justice or social work bent. The class overall, is weak regarding deviance at the global level, so suggestions here would also be appreciated. We already use Adler & Adler’s Constructions of Deviance and Venkatesh’s Gang Leader for Day as our course texts.
So, tell me, what are your favorite monographs for a deviance course?


  • Gary Lemons

    I am sorry that now one has answered your question. I am looking right now for book reviews for the same purpose as you. I’ll let you know what I find and you can do the same. You should perhaps delete the comment below.