Out of Copyright Monographs?

As I’ve mentioned before, I am experimenting with open education resources this fall in Intro to Sociology. I typically assign Conley’s You May Ask Yourself, Everyday Sociology Reader, and The Blind Side.


I am using the Sociology Wikibook to replace You May Ask Yourself and an assortment of scholarly journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles, and blog posts to replace the reader. I am struggling with assigning a comprable reading to The Blind Side.


I’ve explored Project Gutenberg, but have not found a book that is out of copyright that would work. My only idea is to use The Jungle. One of my journalism professors read a few pages from the book to us to illustrate yellow journalism. The people falling in the vats and left had me intrigued. I eventually read the book. Though The Jungle may be about turn of the century social issues, I do not believe it would work in the same way as The Blind Side


I may have to just drop The Blind Side altogether this semester for the sake of the experiment. In the spring, I could assign it to the class even if I am using only open education resources because our school already owns enough copies of the book. There would be no additional costs until the books fall apart.


Do you have any ideas for out of copyright monographs that could be used in Intro to Sociology?