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CFP for Midwest Sociological Society and Illinois Sociological Association

I’m co-sponsoring and sponsoring two sessions at the Midwest Sociological Society 2013 meetings and organizing a workshop at the Illinois Sociological Association:


Challenges and Innovation for Community College Faculty and Students (Midwest Sociological Society):

This session is designed to broadly focus on the experiences of community college life for both faculty and students. This session seeks to illuminate innovative ways of managing some of the unique challenges of community college careers and culture. Challenges may include dealing with isolation, balancing teaching with research, retaining qualified adjuncts, handling the emotion work of the realities of community college students` lives, among other challenges. Stephanie Medley-Rath, Lake Land College ; Monica Erling, Hennepin Technical College, Deadline: October 24


The Growing Biography Industry: Implications for How Biography is Done (Midwest Sociological Society):

The biography industry is devoted to helping people do biography expanding the understanding of autobiography, autobiographical occasions, public/private, and what it means for the presentation of self. These include social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Spotify, Twitter), memory keeping industries (e.g., scrapbooking, photography), and self-help professionals and organizations (e.g., career or life coaches). This session will explore how the biography
industry influences how biography is socially constructed. Stephanie Medley-Rath, Lake Land College Deadline: October 24


Cognitive Sociology Workshop (Illinois Sociological Association):

Cognitive sociology provides theoretical insights into how thinking is socially patterned. In this workshop, we will discuss what cognitive sociology is and how it can be incorporated into your courses and research projects. This workshop will take place at the Illinois Sociological Association annual meeting on November 2.