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A few notes on “In an Age of Likes, Commonplace Images Prevail”

A few notes on In an Age of Likes, Commonplace Images Prevail:


“There are well over a billion camera phones being used to photograph dinners, dogs, cute kids, sunsets and body parts — recording every action as if it were of equal importance.”

  • Who is to say each image isn’t of equal importance? People are photographing their everyday life. They are sharing it with others. Who is to say what is and is not photograph-worthy?

“Almost everyone has a camera and is a photographer.”

  • Yes, almost everyone has a camera. No, everyone is not a photographer. They are storytellers. They are telling stories about their lives using photographs.

“Because of the iPhone and social media, the very meaning of what photographs are and how they function has changed radically in the last four years.”

  • The meaning of photographs was changing before the iPhone and social media. This technology expanded who participated in this type of photography and made it public. Scrapbookers have been taking these types of photos for years. Just like Instagram did not invent vintage-style photos, they made this style of photography available to a public audience and accessible to a wider group of participants.
  • Gender plays a role here. iPhones and social media have increased the number of men telling stories with photographs.

“I can proudly report that between Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, dozens of people have judged its quality positively by liking it.”

  • Most are not judging quality. They like the subject. Or they like you and will like nearly anything you post.

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